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Pure Relaxation

Drift Away

A relaxing and soothing body massage incorporating Swedish and lymphatic drainage techniques . This massage uses the classic techniques of effleurage and petrissage but always with the unique style of Wye Valley Massage Therapies

50 mins £48

Hot Stone Massage

Warm up

A deeply soothing and detoxifying massage treatment using hot stones to promote relaxation. Feel your tension melt away ! Particularly useful for arthritis, lower back pain , strains or people that feel the cold and damp. 60 mins £56

Bespoke Massage 

Remedial Deep Tissue

This is the Wye Valley Massage speciality.

A bespoke, deep tissue massage targeting your problem areas. This massage is completely personalised to you and your issues. Using a combination of deep tissue, sports massage, Thai, stretching and hot stone techniques, no two massages will be the same. I draw upon all my skills to make this massage effective and unique to  what you require at that moment in time. Suitable for sports injuries, general muscle pain, occupational injuries,  post event treatment or when you just want to really feel that you’ve had a thorough massage.

50 mins £50


The quick fix

If you’re pushed for time, any treatment can be adapted into a 25 minute express treatment. E.g. A back, neck and shoulder massage or a foot/hand massage.  25 mins £27

Ante-Natal Massage

Mama to be

A massage designed for mums to be, undertaken with accredited training , to ensure your own and your little one’s comfort and safety. Attention is given to specific issues encountered during pregnancy , such as fluid retention and lower back pain. Suitable for 13+ weeks. 50 mins £50

Let's Face It!

Treat yourself to either a stand-alone face and scalp massage or add it on to another treatment.

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed using a hot oil cleansing balm before a a botanical face oil is used to massage the face,using lifting and draining techniques. Finished with an 'oh sooo relaxing' head massage . Heavenly!

25 mins £27


Pain in the neck?


A stand-alone neck treatment using specific techniques, to alleviate pain, stiffness and improve mobility of the neck. Perfect for those sitting at a computer screen for hours at a time , or spending too much time scrolling!

25mins £27

Thai Fusion

East meets West

This massage incorporates the deep stretches and movements of traditional Thai massage but is adapted ,so that you can lie on the couch, not the floor!

It is performed clothed and with no oil. You will feel relaxed, yet also invigorated following this treatment and very possibly an inch taller! Great for increasing mobility as well as easing muscle tension.

Please wear comfortable clothing- e.g. joggers  or yoga  pants and T-shirt.

60 Mins £50

90 Mins £75

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