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You may have some questions about booking in. Here are some of the common ones that come up. Please get in touch if you can't find your answer.


What should I wear?

 Generally, you'll remove your clothes down to undergarments. If you're having just a back massage or reflexology , it's advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes- I don't recommend jeans.

Do you accept male clients?

Yes. But to avoid any confusion or embarrassment, please note WVM offers professional massage services only.


Why do I need to enter  my credit card number when I book?

 Firstly, you are confirming your appointment and agreeing to my cancellation policy.  Secondly, it makes your checkout process smoother as you don't need to find your card , unless you decide to pay by cash of course. Details of Fresha's privacy policy can be found on their website

Should I arrive early for my first appointment?

I request that you don't arrive early.  Appointments are scheduled to allow time in between clients , in order for people to leave without rushing and for me to organise for the next appointment. Also, I myself might be on a comfort break! If I can see something on your consultation form that requires more information, I will contact you prior to your visit. 

How do I use my Gift Voucher?

Please book in as normal on the Book/ Contact page, including inputting card details. There is no need to enter your voucher code anywhere. You can put a comment in the 'Notes' section of the booking if you prefer but it is not necessary. Just show me your voucher when you are paying for your treatment.

I have a Gift Voucher and I've received an email offering me a discount from you. Can I pay using the Voucher?

Vouchers cannot be used to pay for discounted treatments or special offers. Please see the T & C's for further information.


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